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Look Good with a Clear Conscience / The KD Approach to Sustainability

Look Good with a Clear Conscience / The KD Approach to Sustainability

KACEY/DEVLIN is proudly Australian designed and made, consciously working only with manufacturers who are equally committed to leaving a lighter footprint on our planet.

In an interview with Who What Wear Australia, Kacey explains:

In regards to managing our environmental footprint”, the brand “starts right back at the initial design process.” By designing clothes with the environment in mind, the brand aims to reduce waste by ensuring that clothes will not only last long, but will also remain versatile so as to avoid being thrown out.

We deliberately design pieces that have high frequency wearability and can be worn multiple ways,"
the designer shares. 

This means no more one-time-wear pieces ending up in landfills, but rather staples that are worn and loved for years to come.

In addition to versatility and durability, Devlin also considers other factors that may lead to clothes being thrown out in order to minimise these instances in her designs. One of her most clever moves was completely eliminating the need for fastenings in her designs:

The label started with its first three collections using no formal fastenings”, a decision which the designer shares was “based on the observation that most people tend to throw out garments when the fasteners are no longer working, broken or have fallen off.”


Instead of relying on clips and buckles that are easily worn down, the brand’s collections “truly celebrated the method of drape and natural fastenings by tying around the body. The decision to build a collection not centred around zips, buttons or fasteners meant there was a sense of longevity built into our pieces”, Devlin states.

 The brand also takes additional steps, such as utilising dead-stock fabric, “in the mix [of our fabric selections] we use 'dead-stock'—meaning [we take] discarded fabric from other fashion companies and we integrate this into our range.” Furthermore, the brand’s packaging also aims to be eco-friendly, with online orders being “shipped using recycled cardboard boxes and tissue paper.”


While there is undeniably still a long way to go in terms of the relationship between fashion and the environment, brands like Kacey Devlin are proving that change is possible. By mindfully addressing every stage of a garment’s life, from design to deterioration, Kacey Devlin has not only minimised her own brand’s impact on the environment but also served as an example that other designers can look to in understanding the ways which we can all pull our weight in making positive changes. What this means for us as individual shoppers may be as simple as being more mindful about our purchases. Whether this takes form as supporting brands that use dead-stock fabric, or denying non-recycled packing, every small step does make a difference.
To read the full interview, head to Who What Wear.

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