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Kacey Devlin In Conversation with Who What Wear

Kacey Devlin In Conversation with Who What Wear

If your experience with Kacey Devlin has been hearing about it from your friends, reading about it in the press or personally shopping it for your luxe wardrobe staples, then we’re here to let you in on a little secret – KD is about so much more!


On Thursday 27 September, we partnered with Who What Wear Australia to bring more of the KD brand to our customers. In an hour long conversation with former Allure Media Group Publisher and founder of Offline the Podcast, Alison Rice, director and designer Kacey Devlin shared the philosophy behind the brand, her experience in entering the business world, and insights into how to move forward when failure is in front of you. She told the room to: “learn from it, move on and ALWAYS trust your gut,” as an FYI.
Kacey also explained more about her why – which is what makes Kacey Devlin so unique as a brand in today’s market. While she’s inspired by art, architecture, music and all other creative sources, that’s not what drives the brand and its direction. No, what leads every design decision is actually, the women who wear the label.
For my final year at university, I blindfolded women and observed the way they got dressed. I was interested to understand what they felt on a deeper level instead of just selecting clothes to cover us,” she explained. “What I learnt, was that the waist for women was always a place in question. From a psychological perspective, it’s both the emotional core and sexual confidence so I wanted to create clothing that made them feel safe, confident and beautiful, every single time they wore my clothing”.
Guests indulged in a metre long grazing table by Ella Grazing Co, sipped on a selection of rosé and red from Brown Brothers, sparkling water from Santa Vittoria and took home a goody bag worth over $300 from our friends at ModelCo, Lumira, The Clinic, The Beauty Chef and Sephora Australia.
Guests were then treated to the grand reveal of the upcoming collection, LINE, which launches in mid-October. A new direction for the brand, LINE was inspired by limitless possibilities. A line connects two points. Ideas. Feelings. It shows direction. It navigates and can take you to a new place.
Bright magentas, deep reds and metallic pinks are paired with a monochromatic palette  of black, silver and white, showcasing the duality of today's females -
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A special thanks to the Fashion Institute, Omar Merced, Alpha Buds, Amanda Bardas and the entire Who What Wear / Allure Media team.

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