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Line by Kacey Devlin is a conceptual yet wearable collection that uses line and form as a representation of the modern female.


Fragile and elegant thin lines; bold diagonal lines; curved, soft lines; energetic vertical lines, and horizontal lines that suggest a feeling of rest and respire make up the collection, with Kacey Devlin explaining that lines “have the power to change the way we feel”.
A line connects two points. Ideas. Feelings. It shows direction, it navigates and it can take you on both a physical and visual journey,” she adds.


Striped silk shirts, exposed shoulders, new base layers and an exploration of wrap styles that drape and tie around the body allow the wearer to create a unique look to suit their style or situation. Loose and fluid or strong and structured, Line leaves the wearer with limitless possibilities.
Bright magentas, deep reds and metallic pinks are paired with a monochromatic palette of black, silver and white, showcasing the duality of today’s females. Strong and beautiful, bold but graceful, feminine and masculine, the wear-anywhere pieces from Line will fast enter your wardrobe and become forever staples.



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