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"It’s time in my personal and professional life to take a bit of a breather, focus on myself and take some time to work out creatively what’s next for me".


In a time where we’re being encouraged to ‘lean in, lean out, rise up and move on from that which is no longer serving us’, I have made the very difficult decision to discontinue KACEY/DEVLIN effective 31 March 2019.
Since launching the brand in 2012, I have deliberately grown the brand slowly and steadily, and it’s been going from strength to strength. However, after fulfilling all I set out to do with the brand - providing women with high quality, wearable and sustainable clothing that allowed them to look and feel confident - I will this month cease business to explore the next phase in my personal and professional life.
Being a sustainable business was never of question to me, it has been a focus for the KD brand since inception. Our garments are all made in Australia and we consciously worked with manufacturers equally committed to leaving a lighter footprint on our planet. That, combined with an authentic voice; genuinely wanting to help women feel more confident in their sartorial choices; and wanting to leave a lasting impression on the industry have all been fulfilled in my opinion.
KACEY/DEVLIN is a business I dedicated absolutely everything to - time, passion, integrity, creativity, personal investment - and I am so proud of what has been achieved. The decision to close KACEY/DEVLIN was not one that I took lightly but I believe that we’re here to evolve and where we are right now, doesn’t have to be our whole story.
The label was born out of my desire to celebrate and empower women whilst also challenging the end of a garment’s life cycle. If a piece was too small because the button would no longer do up or perhaps the zip had broken, a lot of people I spoke to said they would throw the piece out rather than having it repaired. I found it mind-blowing that the break down of a simple button or zip was the end of a piece of clothing.
 With this in mind, KACEY/DEVLIN was built around multi-purpose, multi-wear pieces that didn’t rely on fasteners. It allowed me to challenge the norm of how we wear clothes, and by using the process of drape and ties, I built pieces that could be worn to suit the wearer, their style, mood or shape on any given day. 

I was drawn to the idea of our girls not feeling restricted within their clothes. 
Our design mantra is that we design everyday luxury that can be worn beyond a season and will hold a place in the KACEY/DEVLIN girl’s wardrobe as a classic, forever.
For those of you who already have a KACEY/DEVLIN piece in your wardrobes already, the significance is now greater than ever before. And for those yet to experience the KD touch, we’re holding an online clearance sale until the 31st of March.
I feel so lucky to have grown up alongside the Australian fashion industry. I am beyond proud of KACEY/DEVLIN and seeing women wear KD will forever be my greatest achievement.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our incredibly loyal customers. Your support in growing our business has been an ongoing source of inspiration and every single piece that garners the KD name was born because of you. It has been an honour and a privilege to be apart of so many women’s wardrobes and I hope to continue to see KD pieces being worn for years to come.
With Love,


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