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Talisa Sutton

Talisa Sutton

If you’re not already familiar with accomplished creative, Talisa Sutton, let us introduce you. A former graphic designer, Talisa now divides her time between Badlands Studio and Badlands Journal, a creative business and digital publication founded with her husband Rohan Peterson.
Not only is Talisa incredibly talented with a natural eye for design and aesthetics, she’s also one of the sweetest and kindest women you’ll ever meet. For our latest instalment in KD Girls, we invite you to spend 5 mins getting to know Talisa a little better and hope you feel as inspired as we did.


KD: We feel like you’re one of the OG Australian Style Bloggers, someone who adopted the digital scene early on and has grown and developed with it. How did you get into it and how do you think it has changed?


TS: Oh thank you! I definitely started blogging when it was quite a new platform – I was a design student at the time and always playing around with coding and creating within the digital space, so it felt like a good to idea to set up my own blogspot site. In the beginning, it was definitely more of a destination for me to chronicle my inspirations, film references and personal work (lots of collages!), and over time, it shifted more towards my personal style.

Initially the changes came from it growing and starting to reach different individuals and brands from all parts of the world. That was very exciting, as everything feels so much more connected globally now with social media. The biggest transition was definitely taking the Badlands brand and transitioning to Badlands Journal, a digital style magazine and content platform covering Style, Beauty and Life. I worked in publishing for a while, and have always had such a passion for magazines, so it felt like a great opportunity to bridge that gap between print and digital.


 KD: How would you describe your style? How has it changed over the years? And as a mum to be, has it changed during pregnancy?


TS: I would say my style is casual, minimal and effortless, however it has shifted a little over the years, and I do like to have fun with the odd bit of colour and print. My travels have definitely inspired my style, and I feel so lucky to have spent time in cities like Copenhagen that have such a unique take on fashion and lifestyle.


As a mum-to-be, I definitely rely heavily on those key basics that fit well, are comfortable and practical, and yet don't compromise on style. When I find them, I tend to try and get another in a different colour, as I know I'll live in it! Pieces like slip dresses, midi skirts, oversized shirts and stretchy knit skirts and dresses are all go-tos, and then you can play with accessories.


 KD: What do you wear for an event?


TS: A simple silk slip or a floaty a-line dress are both current favourite event options. I tend to opt for a low kitten or block heel and then add a pair of earrings to complete the look. The KD Pinnacle Wrap Dress is a great going out option for me, and then I love layering it with a t-shirt for daytime too.


 KD: For date night?

 TS: A linen or silk blouse paired back with a silk midi skirt, flats and a little bit of jewellery. This all black look would be an easy pick for me!


 KD: For casual Friday in the office?

 TS: Usually cotton shirting, a tank or t-shirt paired back with a skirt (I love the Utility Stripe Wrap Skirt) or a ribbed knit dress with sandals.

 KD: Kacey Devlin garments drape around the female form as an expression of pride, confidence, strength and even armour. The cuffs of the Temperate Deep V Blouse as an example were specifically designed in a triangle shape so that if you’re nervous, you can cover your thumbs with the fabric and twiddle them without being noticed. It’s like a little secret between the wearer and the garment. What makes you feel most confident?


TS: I love little details like these that really connect with the wearer. I always feel most confident when I'm comfortable - good quality fabrics, the right fit and proportions are all really important elements for me when it comes to getting dressed.


 KD: Who and what are you inspired by?

TS: I love art, cinema and travel when it comes to inspiration. I feel like I'm quite a nostalgic person by nature, so I'm always looking back at old references and finding elements that I love for now. Around the release of Badlands Journal issue 04, Rohan and I re-watched The Talented Mr Ripley for the first time in years – the styling and locations are just perfect, and it's such a joy to rediscover a film like that.

 When I'm traveling, there's nothing better than exploring and walking around the streets, or sometimes having a coffee outside and people watching. I also love visiting galleries and museums – The Broad in DTLA is one of my favourites, I always leave feeling so inspired!


 KD: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

TS: Leaving my full-time job to go freelance, and then later starting a company with my husband. They were both big leaps of faith, and at times quite terrifying, but I'm so glad we did it.


 KD:Do you think fashion has the ability to impact your mood? How?

 TS: I think so! When I feel my most comfortable in what I'm wearing, it always makes me feel more confident and puts a little spring in my step. I also think certain colours can also effect your mood in a positive way.


 KD: It’s common in interviews to be asked about the best advice you’ve ever received, but at KD we think it’s about time we gave ourselves a pat on the back. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given someone else?

TS: Oh I love this! I think the best advice I have given is based on my own reflections and lessons learnt over the years. It's always best to keep moving forward, and try not to dwell on mistakes of the past. Also avoiding the comparison trap – it's great to be inspired by what others are doing, but don't let it steer you away from your own goals.

Photos by Ana Suntay-Tanedo


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