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With one of the most enviable wardrobes in the country, Sara Crampton is the poster girl for minimal style. Effortless and elegant, she has garnered a loyal following of women worldwide. But more than that, Sara is also a distinguished and poised businesswoman having launched
The UNDONE back in 2016.
A unique online shopping destination distinctly defined by aesthetic, The UNDONE focuses on delivering premium wardrobe essentials, elevated basics and succinct trend pieces to its customers. Kacey Devlin is thrilled to be part of The UNDONE family and even more so, a regular in Sara’s personal wardrobe.
We sat down with Sara to find out how she’s wearing KD this season and learnt a couple of tricks along the way.


KD: Sara, you’re known for your well-edited wardrobe. How do you plan your outfits? Are you a throw on and go dresser or is there a method behind what you wear?

After eliminating colour from my wardrobe and streamlining to the essentials of black, white, grey and neutrals like navy, khaki and caramels, getting dressed became a whole lot easier. Everything works with each other so you have an endless wardrobe of different looks.

I don’t plan my outfits in advance, but have some staple looks each season I know I can reach for that will make me feel my best. I choose what I’m wearing depending on the weather and what I have on that day. I like being practical.



KD: What are the three essential items every woman should have in her wardrobe?

SC: A pair of classic blue jeans that make you feel amazing, a dressy top you can wear with said jean and a low heeled shoe that looks incredible yet is just as comfortable.


KD: What do you wear to feel powerful?

SC: For me, feeling powerful is feeling comfortable. I get the most done in something non fussy. A turtle neck and a high waisted midi skirt is an effortless combination. Finish it off with sneakers and a necklace and it's polished yet functional.


KD: For Casual Friday?

SC: Blue denim, a white tee and then elevate it a little – either with an earring, a small heel or layer with another top to make it office appropriate.

KD: For an event?

SC: Darker tones are always a go-to for an event.  A flattering black pant and then a dark toned top with an interesting detail is always a good option.  I love the dark brown, brassy neutrals at the moment and they work so well when worn with black.


KD: Who and what are you inspired by?

SC: I’m inspired by hard working, creative women, who are balancing business with family and expectations, and redefining what success looks like.

KD: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

SC: I’ve moved to a city by myself, I’ve quit my job to follow my passion and I’ve started a business. They’ve never felt scary at the time, but in hindsight I’m like… what was I thinking?!

Anyone can start a business, the bravest thing is backing it when the excitement wears off and shit gets real. 

KD: Do you think fashion has the ability to impact your mood? How?

SC: Absolutely, when you feel good in your outfit, its comfortable and reflects who you want to be, you feel incredible.

Once I realised my personal - focusing on the black, white and neutrals, my self-confidence immediately improved. It completely changed how I held myself as I wasn’t worried about how I looked.

 KD: It’s common in interviews to be asked about the best advice you’ve ever received, but at KD we think it’s about time we gave ourselves a pat on the back. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given someone else?

SC: The best advice I’ve told friends is to believe in themselves and give whatever it is they want to achieve 100% of their attention. The saying you only get back what you put in is true for a reason.

All KD pieces worn by Sara are available to purchase online at The Undone  

Photos by Ana Suntay-Tanedo




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