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KACEY DEVLIN is a contemporary womenswear label that aims to inspire the modern women’s wardrobe - but what often happens, is that we’re the ones who end up being inspired by those who wear it.

Case in point.

As the former Group Publisher of leading digital destinations PopSugar, Who What Wear, Byrdie and My Domaine Australia, and now founder of Offline the Podcast, Alison Rice is bloody inspiring. However, the fact that she’s a vocal, passionate and enterprising supporter of women is even more so. Within minutes of being around Alison, you realise you are going to walk away better. Full. Empowered. Educated. Contemplative.

She’s a KD Girl through and through - a modern female making her own rules and carving out her own path. We sat down with Alison during her final weeks at Allure to find out more about how she starts her day and stole a few of her style tips when it comes to wearing KD.


 KD: Tell us, what does a typical day for you look like?

AR: On a typical day, I wake up to a relaxing alarm tone at around 6 a.m. I like to wake up gently as the rest of my day tends to, well, have its way with me. I literally have to surrender in order to get through it. My beautiful husband makes me a coffee and I answer emails that have come in from our US teams overnight, from bed. That can be anything from audience development to brand or commercial strategy, site bugs or future planning.

From there I’m in the shower, and I start to think about what I have on for the day. I like to use that time to set intentions – the energy I want to bring into rooms and ideas I want to share. 

Then I go and get ready and usually record it on my Instagram Stories with music. That’s just fun for me and I guess another creative outlet in a role that while exciting, is also driven by data, spreadsheets and a lot of administrative tasks. Trust me when I tell you being the boss doesn’t mean you get to do the fun bits!

I hop on the bus and the train to travel from Bondi to Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD, and use the commute time to attack the rest of my inbox and connect with our editorial director Mandy to discuss what’s on for the day. She’s literally my overlord and always knows what we are doing. My goal is to clear my emails before I sit at my desk at 9 a.m. Best feeling. I really dislike email and I wish we could just stop sending them to each other.

From there I basically move from meeting, to event, to meeting, and so on. For the meetings, I’m big on agendas because if we’re going to lock ourselves in a room I want to achieve a lot – discuss, decide, deadline! I find these days my role in the room is to keep us on track, think big and strategically, and drive meaningful outcomes for the business.

I try to keep night events to once or twice a week, so if I’m not going straight to something after work, I’m home with my husband. Lounge, pjs, ginger tea! Wild.

KD: What do you wear to the office to feel powerful?

AR: For me to sit in power energy, I need to feel like myself. That usually means no patterns and basic colours, but I always like a tiny element of bourgeois. Like a gold accent, belt, interesting buttons or silhouette, or an amazing shoe. I’ve found those tiny details can lead to the most interesting conversations.

KD: For Casual Friday?

AR: I’m rarely casual because I like to “dress”, but I’ll do cropped jeans, a silk blouse and a classic heel. Perfect for work and rolls well into margaritas at Mamasan in Bondi.

KD: For an event?

AR: I’ll usually wear tailored black pants, heels, an interesting top and earrings or a necklace. I have to tell you and I’m not just saying this, but my gold KD wrap top is such a treasured piece. I feel like a movie star when I wear it, and other women have literally stopped me in the street.

KD: Kacey Devlin garments drape around the female form as an expression of pride, confidence, strength and even armour. The cuffs of the Temperate Deep V Blouse as an example were specifically designed in a triangle shape so that if you’re nervous, you can cover your thumbs with the fabric and twiddle them without being noticed. It’s like a little secret between the wearer and the garment. What makes you feel most confident?

AR: That is so beautiful. Knowing that makes wearing KD more special to me. Knowledge and having an opinion makes me feel confident.

 KD: Who and what are you inspired by?

AR: Right now I’m inspired by newness. And not commercially crafted newness, but stories, art, films, audio stories and publications that challenge me to think differently. I am in a stretch period so I’m constantly looking for the stuff that pulls at my heart or makes me react – good or bad. So much of what we consume on Instagram, Facebook and broadly, the internet, is lacking substance and soul. 

I’m also inspired by women who are evolved, who’ve done or are doing the self work. Like my friend Amanda. Right now we’re connected on this wavelength that is highly intuitive – it feels surreal. We go deep very quickly and I leave her feeling both seen and inspired.

 KD: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

AR: Deciding not to play the game but help shape a new, inclusive one.

 KD: Do you think fashion has the ability to impact your mood? How?

AR: Absolutely. There’s the every day – when a great outfit makes you walk differently. It’s like this otherness. But I’m also so interested in fashion in the context of art, film and stage impacts my mood and more directly, my capacity to fully receive the work. It is bloody wonderous. I think fashion is an entry point in that respect. For a lot of women it is familiar, so we acknowledge it first but then it allows us go further in.

 KD: It’s common in interviews to be asked about the best advice you’ve ever received, but at KD we think it’s about time we gave ourselves a pat on the back. What’s the best advice you’ve ever given someone else?

AR: I like it. Let’s do it! There’s a couple of nuggets I live for and by: be who you want to be, not how you want to be perceived; and take responsibility for the energy you bring to a room. I also regularly share the message that you don’t need a shiny title or for someone else to label you a lady boss (ugh) to be an instrument of inspiration. If you live authentically and with high moral code, you will succeed – whatever that looks like for you. The last one relates to my “pull up” leadership philosophy – grab as many hands as you can and take other women with you.


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Photos by James Evans 


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