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The Signature Collapse Back

The Signature Collapse Back

The Collapse Back Jersey Tees and Tanks are a staple in the KD Girl’s wardrobe – not only did they launch in our very first collection, but they’ve remained our best seller year on year.

Available in both the Full Collapse and the Petite Collapse, Director Kacey Devlin explains the difference, why you need them and how to wear them.



The Full Collapse Back...

features in many of our tees, tanks, camis and dresses. It is best worn braless (we love the Bras n Things Magician Uplift Sticker for modesty) but it also works well with a detailed crop or bra.





The Petite Collapse Back...

was created for those who love the backless look but prefer the support of a bra. 
The Petite Collapse Back has a higher closure than the Full Collapse Back.

“The Collapse Back is a classic KD piece. The jersey tees and tanks are easily paired back with denim and flats but can also be elevated with our Duality Skirts or the Fluid Trouser”, says Devlin. 
“The inspiration came from wanting to empower and redefine the female form. We wanted to expose and represent the female body as a place of duality – a place of naivety and vulnerability but also strength and bravery.  
I love the jersey tees with high waisted denim as much as I love the unexpected twist of layering one of our full length silk dresses over the top of one. The idea is that you can wear it your way – KD Girls are both effortless and brave, so having options to dress the Collapse Back up or down means there’s always an occasion to wear it over and over again”.

The KD Signature Collapse Back is available in more casual jersey finishes right through to metallic knit collapse back mini dresses from the latest collection. Our aim is to create a style for everyone and any occasion. 


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